Every detail must be just right when an employer sends a registered letter to an employee

30 June 2017Termination

The employer sent its employee a notice letter.  Even though the letter itself mentioned the correct postal code, the employer had written “1070 Dilbeek” instead of “1700 Dilbeek”.  Nevertheless, the employee performed the notice period and he stopped working after the notice period had expired.

A couple of days later, the employee claimed that he had never received the notice letter and that he was thus entitled to an indemnity in lieu, since the notice was null and void and the employment contract had been terminated with immediate effect by the employer at the end of the invalid notice period.

The Court confirms the employee’s claim since the employer could not proof that the registered letter had been sent to the correct address since the official receipt from the post office mentioned a wrong postal code.

This is why it is important to check every detail when sending a notice letter to an employee.

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